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Alpha Key Saver lets you easily insert commonly used text into any application
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29 September 2010

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While sending emails you often need to insert commonly used text like email replies, disclaimers, signatures, company information, etc. Typing or copy-pasting such text repetitively gets tedious as every time you may have to open a file or previous email for the purpose. Now, you can easily save yourself from such labor by trying out the assistance of Alpha Key Saver The software can prove to be quite competent for the help it extends to its users in inserting repetitively used text in any application. It supports storing text replies, sentences, or other frequently used text into the program database for adding them to the documents and emails instantly with the help of hotkeys. It stays at the system tray for instant access through mouse click or pre-set hotkey.

With the Alpha Key Saver it becomes quite easy for a user to insert the frequently text just by pressing the hotkey. The software sports intuitive GUI with sophisticated features. You can conveniently store any text you use repetitiously with the program using ‘Add’ button. It displays a new dialog box, through which you can create new or assign a category to the text, and further enter description, hotkey and reply text. With the reply text pane, you can paste the copied content, load a file, check text for spellings, and remove the formatting. In addition, you can also enable the feature to save text with formatting. All categories and text items are displayed in expandable view form for your using convenience. It’s easy to copy, insert, edit, or delete the stored text item using the provided features. The text can even be exported to your Pocket PC for easy usage. Moreover, it also lets you alter the hotkeys for main screen, popup menu interface, password vault, and spell check clipboard content. Adding, you can enable/disable features relating Formatting, View, Spelling, and Sharing of the text content. Along with these features, you also get Password Vault option, where you can create an account for storing content in a secure manner.

The Alpha Key Saver comes across as a rather efficient tool that let you save lot of your valuable time and effort and its ability to accurately insert replies, company information, disclaimers, etc instantly earns it a score of 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Alpha Key Saver lets you easily insert commonly used text into any application. Text replies are stored in a database for easy re-use so you can add them to emails and other documents without ever re-typing. Replies can be grouped into categories and each reply can be assigned a hotkey so it can be inserted with a single key combination. Alpha Key Saver waits silently in the system tray, out of your way, until activated with the mouse or pre-defined hotkey.
Alpha Key Saver
Alpha Key Saver
Version 4.0
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